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Is it time to:

  • Learn to break-down overwhelming clutter into doable chunks, no longer feel too overwhelmed to begin?

  • Confidently and easily return to action when you feel discouraged and anxious?

  • Spend your free time doing things you enjoy rather than feeling guilty about how your house looks?

  • Stop worrying that someone might drop by unannounced?

  • Feel content and calm when you walk in to your own home?

Reclaim the time and energy you now spend feeling bad about your clutter.


I thought we would just deal with the physical act of getting rid of stuff but now I realize that I needed to deal with the feelings first.
— Ruth

"When the pain of trying to ignore the clutter is greater than the pain of dealing with it, give me a call." 






Your home can be a peaceful space:

I understand the importance of space and the importance of creating a nest that works for you and your family.

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