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Fed-up with the clutter in your home or in your head?

Do you yearn to simplify your life?

Unsure of where to even begin?

Sometimes it’s both physical clutter and mental clutter that leave us feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Whether you are dealing with ADHD, hoarding or just need to get organized, I can be a guide and a support to your transformation, there to help you create the life you want to live.

Finally feel the peace of knowing what to do next.

Together we will create a step-by-step plan to deal with the stuff that's been dogging you for years. I offer friendly accountability and steady support to help you follow-through and create a more spacious and interesting life. 

Nikki brought encouragement and reassurance to a problem that felt overwhelming and impossible.
— Amy

Whether it’s the clutter in your house or the clutter in your head, I offer you steady support from which to relax and create the life you want.




Create clarity in your home and in your mind:

There is a strong relationship between the clarity of our thinking and the state of our surroundings. You can increase your levels of satisfaction, ease and even productivity by creating peaceful spaces.

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