From my Closet


“When we diversify our experiences, we’re more likely to come up with new ideas or ways of looking at the world.” I am unable to cite the wise person who said this, but boy it feels true for me! Packing away all of but 33 items of clothes, shoes and accessories for 3 months is offering me a new way of looking at my belongings as I experiment with Courtney Carver’s Project 333  On June 26th I picked out my 33 favorite items of clothes, shoes, and accessories and put the rest in the basement, (not counted as part of the 33 are gym clothes, underthings, loungewear and pj's).

I was inspired to experiment with this after hearing about Courtney’s journey to live more simply as a way to reduce stress and its impact on her health.  As I listened, it was clear that Project 333 wasn’t just about the clothes, it was about discovering ways to reduce the stressful “noise” in her life.

After sorting through the items in my closet and dresser, my bedroom feels very different. I notice a sweet spacious feeling when I open the closet door. Although I only have 33 items from which to choose, it’s enough. This feeling of enough-ness is solid and peaceful; this stays with me throughout my day, and I am happy to have it tag along. I’ve also noticed that I have more time, money and energy. I spend less time and money shopping and managing my clothes. And because there are fewer options from which to choose, I waste no energy trying to figure out what to wear….it’s straight forward and effortless.

Maybe there is an area of your life where you would like to create more peace, re-claim time and free energy. Might be your closet, maybe your schedule or perhaps your office? What can you let go of in order to create more clarity and peace and that delicious feeling of enough-ness?

Here is a list of the 100+ items that moved out of my dresser and closet and into the basement.

Clothes: 13 tops, 3 slacks, 5 dresses, 1 jacket, 5 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts.  Plus a bag of clothes tucked in the back of my closet that I had forgotten about.  And of course the 5 pair of shorts and 3 pairs of slacks I had stashed on the top shelf in case I lost 10 lbs.

Shoes: 2 boots, 1 flip-flops, 3 heels, 2 flats, 1 hiking shoes, 1 wing-tips, and a 4-shelf shoe rack.

Accessories: 1 hat, 2 purses, 2 belts, 8 scarves (and the fabric covered box where they lived), countless earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Photos of what feels like are the 33 items I am wearing for the next 3 month.