May is my birthday month and I am giving you a gift!

I've got two bits of good news for you


As I mention in the short video, my birthday is this month and so I want to offer you a gift! To say thanks a bunch for helping me create a amazing life through my work with you, everyone on my mailing list gets a free, 3-part video series on how to deal with procrastination. The first video should be ready by Friday, so keep an eye out for it.  If you're not yet on my mailing list and need help send me a message and we'll get you signed up! 

I am also offering a bonus 30-minute coaching session for those of you who enroll in my Laser Coaching program in May. This way of coaching is proving to be really helpful to those who have signed-up and we're actually having fun! To see if it might be just the kind of coaching you'd find helpful click Laser Coaching Info or just send me an email and I'll answer all of your questions. 

Thanks so much!