A snippet of my story


I've often envied those who have a story of an abrupt insight. I guess I believe the suddenness of the insight makes it more powerful and important. This is not how it works for me. I'll often have a thought that gains steam as it flits around my mind sometimes taking months to land. 

The insight finally lands

We stood in front of the storage unit in Bonner Springs, neither of us could remember most of what we had stored away last year. I knew there would be a Christmas tree, cushions from our small sailboat and plastic tubs of photos, but what was taking up the rest of the 10x20 unit? When we moved from our 4 bedroom home months earlier I demanded we keep the things we hadn't given away and wouldn't fit into our very small condominium.

How is it that I could not remember most of these precious belongings? The insight finally landed, the whole reason I had insisted on selling our big house and giving most of out things away, I saw clearly.... the stuff isn't what makes my life meaningful!

This "stuff" isn't actually the "stuff" of life. 

Let me know if this feels true for you too.

Thanks for being here. Nikki