Behavior Basics, part 3.

Behavior Basics, part 3.

This part might feel tricky!

How to get back on track.

We know from the productivity field that one of the most powerful strategies for staying on track, or getting back on track, is outside accountability. Someone who will keep tabs on how it's going and be there to offer support when the going gets tough. 

You may have that amazing friend who is willing to stick with you and regularly check in on your progress...but that can get tiresome. So consider a professional, someone who's job it is to help you continue to move forward. It seems to me this is one of the life-changing benefits a coach offers you. For many of those I’ve supported over the years, outside accountability is the single BIGGEST thing that helps.

Think about how much easier it’s going to be to regain your focus when you know someone is paying attention to how you're doing and there to help you continue to move forward.  

How to keep going, long term.

Sustainability is another piece of the puzzle that most of us struggle with. One way to build sustainability is to create a practice of using your attention to appreciate yourself for taking steps toward what you're creating. Using your attention in this way will, over time, help you actually create a preference for this new behavior. Yep, it's true! Imagine a preference to let go of your clutter or preference to eat healthy.

This takes practice, but it’s absolutely possible! This area of Neuropsychology has a great deal to offer us in understanding how to sustain behavior change over time. I’ve helped clients focus on this over the past few years and see powerful and sustained changes in behavior...which is what we long for! 

Imagine, you can come to enjoy the very behaviors you’ve been badgering yourself for not doing. It's can shift your preferences.

How will you feel when you finally
change behaviors that matter to you? 

Peace is what remains once you deal with the behaviors you’ve wanted to change for years. The confidence and knowledge that you created what you wanted to create, and can do it again, is…priceless.
Stay Tuned! 
Join me tomorrow when I will put a bow on the Behavior Basics series. 

I want to help you make changes and will open enrollment for a short-term, intensive coaching program at very doable prices to help you say YES to yourself.

I want to make it easy for you to change the behaviors that change your life