Paper Tigers

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You are not your stuff!

(imagine I am standing in front of you, lovingly, but clearly saying these words)

I know it is possible and safe to let go of clutter, even when we feel afraid.

The convincing thing about fearful thoughts is that they FEEL so true and friend, they are not.

Here's the sequence I see with everyone I support:
there's FEAR,
there's LETTING GO,

The majority of fearful thoughts we have each day are not helpful. These thoughts are like paper first glance they look real, but of no danger.

Letting go of stuff is not actually dangerous, there's nothing to fear.

We can let things go without putting ourselves in danger of losing ourselves. We are vastly deeper and bigger than our possessions.

You have more important and interesting things to do with your life than be the Keeper of Stuff.

Feel the weight slide off your shoulders.

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