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Say yes, to you

Four scary things.

I work with many extraordinary people. One of whom has recently committed to doing four scary things each week. Meet Lana who has become a master at ignoring her fearful thinking!

Initially we worked together to help her let go of clutter in her home, having accomplished that, we now focus on other areas of her life where she feels stuck and afraid to take the next step.

Scary things Lana has done recently:

  • Put herself first by saying "No" to friends and family.

  • Became more visible via social media in order grow her business.

  • Cold call to a potential business partner.

  • Said yes to moving in with her beloved...scary and beautiful!

During our coaching sessions Lana tells me how empowered she feels when she takes a step that felt scary.

Our sessions are a shiny spot in my week.

What step can you take to expand your life and empower yourself?


  • Read your poem at an open mic night.

  • Take the next, small step to move toward a new career.

  • Have a difficult conversation with someone you love.

  • Begin to deal with your clutter ;)