Start with Socks

The notion of getting the whole house cleared of stuff can feel insurmountable. Likely there are items to tidy in each room, each cupboard, each shelf and each drawer, but beginning the process feels way too hard. “It’s going to take months,” we tell ourselves. “It will just get all messed-up again,” we lament. And so, we put it off, again.

If this is your current plight, you are not alone! There are, oh, I don’t really know for sure, but probably millions who feel just like you feel. Guess what, we can easily get unstuck! Here is the secret friend….start with socks.

Tie on your de-cluttering super cape and open your sock drawer. It will take less than 30 minutes to consider each pair of socks and decide if you should keep them or let them go.

If you haven’t worn them in the past year… let ‘em go!

Sock without a mate? long are you going to hang on to hope? 

And finally, specifically for my mom, if they’re covered in Christmas trees…please.

Once you’ve finished sorting through the drawer, go ahead and neatly roll or fold the remaining pairs…trust me, it’s worth a few extra minutes.

Now you’ve tasted success and this may be enough to help you move to the next project, it may be helpful to consider your home as a series of small projects. In 30 minutes or less you can begin your journey to re-take control of your stuff.

Gift yourself this feeling of accomplishment. Give yourself a little love and appreciation for being brave enough to start, and let me know if you need help.