A Story of Change

Oh my gosh, what a response we've had to Susan's story aired on Fox 4 Thursday! Her story clearly resonated with many of you. Thank you for your comments.

Watch the segment above if you missed it.

Susan and I began our work together over a year ago. She needed to make a change, a big change in her life.

Susan experienced several big insights during our work are a few:

  1. Realize there is a weight to all of the things we keep, and that we’ll actually be just fine when we let them go.

  2. Consider only keeping a few precious things to have out and enjoy...rather than packed away in a storage unit or basement.

  3. Bottom line, eventually every item in our home must be dealt with by us, or our family. Obviously, we're not taking our stuff with us.

If you feel a longing to finally deal with the clutter that's been a weight on your shoulders, NOW is the perfect time to start…reach out here.