Just a few easy steps...really!

If you've been thinking about your spring decluttering, but can't seem to start, here are five suggestions proven to help.

Even if this feels like a stretch, try at least one suggestion and see if you can get traction. Just contact me if you want support. 


Schedule your sorting sessions

For most of us if it's not scheduled, then it's not a priority. If decluttering is a priority for you then go ahead schedule a handful of 25 minute sorting sessions...take a minute to do that now if you'd like. 

Go public with your plans

Once you get the 25 minute sorting sessions scheduled, notify someone who can encourage you and offer friendly accountability. It's helpful to be specific, let them know what day/time you have scheduled so they can text or call to check in with you.  

Pick a specific starting point

This is incredibly helpful! Pick the area that's bugging you the most or the area that feels easiest. Start small; a single drawer, box or shelf. 

Remember, it's simply sorting

Most everything you sort will fall into one of four piles; keep, donate, recycle or toss. Gather some boxes and bags and just start storing! Consider that this work doesn't have to be a big deal...just focus on the sorting.

Celebrate your small wins

In order to create a new track record of success, allow yourself to soak up some self-appreciation when you complete a sorting session. All forward progress is worthy of win is too small!  

I've been wondering...

how I can structure my coaching to be of service in new ways? 

I am currently receiving coaching in a way that's offering me a new level of motivation and accountability and I wonder if some of you might find this structure helpful. 

This particular coaching approach makes it easier for me to feel less overwhelmed and has really helped me be more productive

The deepest result so far is that I more fully trust my own wisdom to take the next step... I am experimenting more and working less!

Soon I'll share more details about this addition to my coaching practice. I am excited to experiment!

Thanks for reading!